Our educational system must reflect our American values. If not, what's it for? I am a parent and, as such, my wife and I have the ultimate say as to where my child goes to school… not the Teacher’s Unions. School Choice is not a privilege, it is a right.

Economy and Taxes

What makes the American economy great? Choice and competition. Why shouldn't that be applied to something as important as our schools? Academic standards will rise, and schools that are failing will succeed. Freedom. That's the engine of our economy. I stand for our right to self-reliance and prosperity. I stand for individuals and initiatives. I will not further empower bureaucrats. Hard working folks make our economy grow, not endless regulations. We have to stop punishing those who produce. I will advocate for and propose lower taxes on our businesses and workers. I believe that freedom is controlling your own destiny in life. A large part of that is control over our money. Lower taxation means that you can put your money where you think best.


My passion is healthcare. I have dedicated my career to it. Healthcare comes down to two very important components: patients and their doctors. Healthcare solutions must have patients and the community as the priority, not red tape, and lawyer's fees. Preventative care is essential, it's a major part of the solution. Healthy and educated: that's how I want my children and my community to be. That's the way to grow and prosper in life.


We need to be safe! Crime is tyrannical. We must be able to live in peace and safety, or if not, we cannot enjoy our freedoms. The law enforcement officers that patrol our neighborhoods are our front-line defenders. They need state of the art equipment and training. We need to hire and retain our best and brightest in serving our communities. They-Keep-Us-Safe. My home is my family's sanctuary. It's up to us whom we invite in. The chaos at our borders has to stop. It threatens the security and stability of our daily lives. As a Congressman, I will insist that our borders are safe and that tyrants abroad know that America will keep them in check.

Mi hogar es el santuario de mi familia. Depende de nosotros a quién invitamos a entrar. El caos en nuestras fronteras tiene que parar. Amenaza la seguridad y la estabilidad de nuestra vida diaria. Como congresista, insistiré en que nuestras fronteras sean seguras y que los tiranos en el extranjero sepan que Estados Unidos los mantendrá bajo control.


Compassionate Conservatism

Legal immigration has been a blessing for America. That's why I support it. The human rights, individual freedoms, free markets, and our constitutional form of government are America's great strengths. We must defend and protect them with great resolve and passion. I am proud to see that Hispanics are the fastest growing population in our armed forces. All of our veterans, no matter who they are and where they come from, need our support. They put their lives at risk for us, we need to care for them as part of our great American family.